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The Villa

Forktail villa was built in 2005 with in the local Kangra Style of architecture. At the villa, we have tried to incorporate the Permaculture philosophy in all areas of construction as best as we could. The idea was to create a building where very little building material had to be got from the outside to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

Our villa is a beautiful mud house and a unique boutique property which is a combination of traditional architecture and modern comforts. It is fully equipped and offers full privacy in the comfort of a warm home. The home is in the middle of a small village and is surrounded by trees, flowers, and butterflies.

The large garden surrounding the house offers complete privacy and a favorite haunt for russet sparrows, sibias, rosefinches, magpies, bulbuls, barbets, fly catches, redstarts, etc. You will also see lots of himalayan griffons, lammergeier’s and kites trying to catch a thermal above the house during the day.

We would love to share our house with likeminded people who share our vision “ Of the earth, for the earth”. With its rustic architecture and understated beauty, Forktail Villa makes for a great getaway for the discerning traveler looking for a quick mountain getaway.

Upstairs room loft | Dharamshala | Above 14000 ft | Forktail Villa

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The Location

Front Patio with House | Dharamshala | Above 14000 ft | Forktail Villa

The house is close to the village of Gamru in Dharamshala. Kotwali Bazar which is the main market of Dharamshala is 1 KM away. Even though we are so close to Dharamshala the villa is nicely tucked away from all the crowds and noise.

Both the garden and backyard have spectacular views of the snow-capped Dhaulahars, there are small village shops, a large market, malls, cinema hall, restaurants etc all within walking distance of the house.

The villa offers you an interesting mix of urban and rural life and also a lot of wilderness. This leaves you with a lot of options to choose from.