Trekking in Manali

We offer you the complete trekking experience as a part of your trip to the Kullu Valley. We've been organising Himalayan treks and expeditions for decades through our adventure outfit - Above14000ft and have a comprehensive understanding of the area along with an impeccable safety record.


The Kullu Valley is very accessible and placed near the start of many Himalayan trek routes. For families and beginners, we would recommend the selection below of day treks. The difficulty level ranges from an easy one-and-a-half-hour walk around the Pangah village to a 7 hour day to reach the Shangchar meadows.


When you book your trip with us, we take care of all the logistics and provide the guide, equipment, transport etc.


For longer and more demanding routes, do check our offerings on or contact us to create a personalised trip based on your needs.

River Walk | 2 Hours

Triund | Above 14000 ft | Forktail Villa | Camping

Another short walk from the property takes you down through old-growth mixed forests down to the banks of the river Beas. This can be done as a self-guided serene walk.

The walk takes you down through the forest to the road. There is a spot that does hot air balloon rides during the summer.

Pangah Village Walk | 2 hours

Triund | Above 14000 ft | Forktail Villa | Camping

A short walk through the village surrounding our property. This walk is best done in the early morning or around sunset when the village is at its busiest. Pangah is a typical Himalayan village with both local Kulluvi and Lahauli residents. As one walks through the village, spot the few remaining traditional houses made of stone and wood, with sloping roofs covered in slate - this is the local Kathkuni style of architecture. We walk to the village temple - the hub of social life in the village. Return to the property through fields and orchards and observe the hard work that comes with a slow pace of living.

Sanghchar Village Walk | 2 hours

Triund | Above 14000 ft | Forktail Villa | Camping

Old village route between pangha and sangchar the walk starts through the pangha village orchards of some fruits and we gain some height and then get to the deodar forest we make our way through the forest and descend through sangchars orchards where there is a mandir from there a 20 min car ride back to the pangha

Shegli to Shangchar

Triund | Above 14000 ft | Forktail Villa | Camping

30 min drive to Shegli and walk take 4 hours to the meadow

The walk is through old growth forest mixed with deodars and walnut and pine trees.

Opens up to the ridge and walk on the ridge for a bit and then you get to the meadows rolling big meadows.

Rani Sui Trek | 3 Days 2 Nights

Kareri | Above 14000 ft | Forktail Villa | Sightseeing

The walk starts from Shegli 30 min away and it is a 2-night trip, first day up to Sangchar meadows and then in 6 hours you will reach Mayali thach, bowl shaped small meadow ridge walk to reach there. 2 day to Rani Sui and come back. 6 hour day. It is a small lake in the middle of some shit. Day 3 From Mayali to Shegli in 4 hours and then drive from there 30 min back 

Trip Cost

Rs 3500 per person (tax inc.)

This is a custom trip for min 2 people